Thursday, August 12, 2010

Who do you love? Blackberry Torch or iPhone

The Blackberry with it's fast and easy push email stole my heart about 10 years ago. I've been faithful ever since. But I have to admit that the iPhone with its good looks and two hundred thousand apps has caught my eye. Is the Blackberry Torch sexy enough enough to keep me from straying?

I recently watched April Dunford debating the merits of the Blackberry vs. the iPhone on CBC's the National. The Blackberry is technologically far superior to the iPhone according to Dunford but (and this is a big "but" :) it lacks the "cool" factor. The Blackberry's key advantages according Dunford are:
  • Qwerty key board makes email easy - she types 30-40 emails on a 35 minute subway ride
  • Real time communications with great instant messaging (BBM)
  • Durability - her Blackberry has survived many tumbles
Dunford adds that the vast majority of the applications on the iPhone are a bit silly. She has all the business applications she needs on the Blackberry. I agree with all of these points and would like to add that my Blackberry never drops calls.

No doubt you can do way more cool things on the iPhone if you're into music apps. The iPhone has a higher resolution screen (but not as a high as the resolution on the Motorola Android Milestone phone my wife sports), a more user-friendly operating system (although the Torch will change that), and a better camera (for now). Clearly it will impress your friends when you arrive at the party with an iPhone in hand (if your friends are designers and musicians ;). But for business communications I still think the Blackberry is untouchable.

The Torch's Blackberry 6 web browser with WebKit rendering finally makes browsing the web on a BlackBerry an enjoyable experience according to a review. While the new browser is far superior to the version on previous Bla A faster processor is planned for future versions. So the Torch promises to provide the best of both worlds - a great business communication device combined with fast internet browsing.

Bottom Line: While the iPhone has revolutionized the way we use smart phones, the Torch is still the better choice for business communications. The Blackberry is more of a person to person device that excels in communications such as voice, email, text, BBM, Twitter, and IM. The Torch is pretty cool with it's awesome slide out keyboard, killer email, touchscreen, upgraded camera and the highly anticipated Blackberry 6 Operating System. But the iPhone sexier, offers slightly better internet browsing and a better camera.

It all comes down to your priorities. Do you want the coolest phone or the best phone for business communications? I agree with, the Torch puts RIM back in the game for smart phones. I'm still a Blackberry lover but I've got my eye the iPhone and Motorola's Android phones are pretty awesome too.

What do you think? Should I stick with Blackberry or is it time to switch?

April Dunford debating the merits of the Blackberry vs. the iPhone:

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