Thursday, July 8, 2010

Top 10 IT Skills in Demand 2010

The technology job market is indeed recovering. I'm happy to report that many of the companies that reduced their staff over the past 18 months are now hiring. In the last quarter we've seen a significant increase in job orders. Why? I see two major factors: the stability of Canadian banks and the rise of the mobile industry. The trend during the recession was to cut new development  and merely maintain systems. But we're seeing a turn around. Opportunities with mCommerce and the mobile industry are driving new product development. This drives the demand for people with the skills to push the new technologies forward. Here are the top 10 skills we're recruiting for today:
  1. J2ME - Mobile Developers with Java API's - Many Blackberry apps are written with J2ME. Demand for this skill set is stronger than supply. Schools are only beginning to offer it in their curriculum.
  2. Android Developers - The Google muscle along with the rapid rise of the Adroid phone market share is creating a strong demand for Android developers.
  3. C# programmer analysts - Many companies are adopting complete Microsoft solutions with the Visual Studio of products. This is due to the strength of Microsoft's sales team and a lower price point than most competitors.
  4. Objective C programming language used for iPhones and iPads. Many people are developing iPhone apps in their basement but our clients want people who've developed large scale apps for major corporations.
  5. Data Warehouse Specialists - Demand for this skill is increasing as companies learn that they can cross correlate data about customers. That's why all the stores want to put you in their database.
  6. COBIT - security specialists
  7. QA Testers with QTP and LoadRunner
  8. Mobile Business Analysts
  9. J2EE/Weblogic specialists
  10. Project Manager/Project Coordinators

Tim Collins, President and Founder,
Stafflink Solutions Ltd


  1. can you please elabora the scope of COBIT Security specialist? I am now working on COBIT 4.1, owner of controls, and also what to go deep in security. Start preparing for CISA.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thanks & best regards,

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for your comment. We get different levels of COBIT security jobs. Often clients are looking for CISSP as well in the senior roles. We find our clients are looking for people with experience in the trenches and not just training. Sometimes if the client has a certification themselves they place more emphasis in the on certifications. We are finding with companies designing programs for more devices such as tablets, smartphones and televisions security and privacy are going to be ongoing requirements for businesses