Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Resume SEO Part 2: Keyword Resume Template

A reader asked me to provide a resume template to demonstrate the tips in Resume SEO: How to Pump Up the Keywords Without Turning Off Recruiters. Here's the link to the document I created in response: Keyword Resume Template. Thanks for suggesting it!

I created this template with technology specialists in mind. We're an IT staffing company so that's what I know best. However, I think it could be adapted for other fields.

I modified an existing MS Word template and added some keyword sections headings to make the resume more readable and more SEO friendly. I inserted some tips to explain my reasoning.

Here's the result:

I hope you find this resume template helpful. Your questions, comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome!

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  2. WoW ! great, thanks for sharing this nice template. These type of templates are very helpful for SEO Services. I hope in the future, i will get more stuff like this.

  3. Thank you for sharing your comments about our keyword resume template! We plan to create more templates like this. Requests welcome.

  4. Got there at right time! very helpful format!

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  5. Glad you liked the format. We have some other templates coming. All the best

  6. Very nice template. It's definitely seo friendly with the help of seo services and strategies. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Seems your are an expert! really amazed to know of this template, thanks for sharing this with me!@bose
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