Monday, May 3, 2010

Love What You Do

Blackberry's new tagline Love What You Do reminds me of how much I love my work and my Blackberry. It also reminds me of how much I admire what Research in Motion has done for Canada. They've created jobs for over 10,000 Canadians for one thing.

Loving What You Do is the challenge we all face, whether we're washing dishes or trouble-shooting code. Is the answer to quit your job and chase a dream? Is that what the founders of RIM did? Blackberry's success has nothing to do with quitting and everything to do with commitment.

Stay True To Your Vision. Mike Lazaradis and Jim Balsille had a big dream when they started RIM. They developed and sold their vision for push email  before most people were using email. Apple had not even invented the iPod.

RIM faced many challenges including a well publicized patent dispute. Even now RIM is being attacked by forecasters who question whether the Blackberry can compete with the iPhone and Android phones. But their track record proves that they have the creativity and commitment to meet the challenges no matter how enormous or expensive. Countless Canadians are counting on RIM to do whatever it is that do to keep surprizing us with awesome solutions.

BlackBerry: The Inside Story of Research in Motion
Rod McQueen's Blackberry: The Inside Story of Research In Motion  is essentially about having dream and sticking with it. Now RIM employees well over 12,000 people, is Canada's foremost technology leader and is a leader in the worldwide mobile communications market. Apparently loving what you do has a lot to do with commitment and persistence.

"Love What You Do" is a challenge: Enjoy your work. Do work you can be proud of. Stay true to your dream.

The more you give, the more you get is an essential marketing principle. It applies to career development, relationships, real estate, business - everything. If you can't be in the job of your dreams right now then love the job you're in.

Love what you do right now and you'll be well on your way to your dream job.

Tim Collins

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