Wednesday, November 3, 2010

IT Resume Template: Optimize Your Resume for Job Boards and Recruiters

I see hundreds of resumes a week so I really appreciate a well formatted resume that enables me to quickly skim to the information I need to know. Here’s an IT resume template that is optimized for job boards and looks good to recruiters too.

Keyword Resume Template

Tips to Balance Keywords with Readability

1. Highlight your accomplishments. These differentiate you from other candidates. It’s even more impressive when your tie your accomplishments in with your job experience.

2. Keyword dumps don't work. You may be tempted to try to trick the search engines into putting your resume at the top of the list by dumping a load of keywords on the first page. When I see a keyword dump and no real experience on the first page of a resume I assume that this person is not qualified.

3. Highlight specific capabilities within your description of each job in your Employment Experience section. Describe the technical skills, communication skills, organizational skills or management abilities you demonstrated in that role.

What did I miss? Please comment and share your resume writing tips.

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