Monday, January 4, 2010

Google Goggles: Mobile Phones with Eyes

Google's latest innovation in search technology is big. They've developed a visual search application called Google Goggles.

Essentially you take a photograph with your Android phone and then use the photo to initiate a Google search and learn more about what's in the picture.

Why is this big? This visual search app will change the way searching is done on mobile phones. It gives your mobile phone vision. An Android phone with Google Goggles can process visual information. It potentially gives you immediate access to everything the Internet knows about the image.

For the past few years a fleet of Googlemobiles have been continuously snapping photos for Google Street View. Now they are busy collecting even more images to expand the reach of visual search.

Apparently Google Goggles works well with stores, business cards, restaurants and books. It's useful for business people. You can photograph a business card and quickly enter it into your contacts and click on the number to call them.

Imagine taking a picture of restaurant and linking to reviews, the menu and information about other restaurants in the area. Google has an extensive list of books as well. You can take a picture of a book while browsing at the book store and get reviews and price comparisons.

It looks like Android with Google Goggles is going to compete with the iPhone market. Google is saying that there will soon be over 1000 Android apps available.

Check out video clip about Google Goggles at

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