Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sourcing Secrets: Getting the Goods out of Google with “SITE” Search

Most recruiters spend endless amounts of time with various search engines seeking out the perfect candidate for a specific role. Learning creative ways to find those “hidden candidates” can be very useful, especially for those hard to fill roles.

Today I was lucky enough to participate in Bill Radin’s webinar “Google Search Strings for Social Networks” led by Mark E. Berger. During this session, I learned the value of conducting “SITE” search techniques on Google, specifically for social network websites such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

What is a “SITE” search? Simply put, it is a Google search which allows you to search inside one website at a time.

How to conduct a "SITE" search?
To conduct your own “SITE” search, simply go to http://www.google.com/ and type in the syntax site: followed by the site you want to search. For example, site:linkedin.com. Once you have written this syntax you can add other specific keywords and criteria you are looking for such as site:linkedin.com “quality analyst” “greater Toronto”.

What are the benefits of a "SITE" search? You can reveal candidates that may not be accessible directly through the site’s built in search features. If you are to conduct a search on LinkedIn through the advanced search option, you are limited to profiles in your expanded network. By conducting “SITE” searches on LinkedIn through the Google search engine, you have access to all public LinkedIn profiles. Most people have public profiles therefore SITE searches on Google can substantially increase the amount of candidates you have access to, especially as a free member.

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By: Michelle De Rubeis, Technical Recruiter, StaffLink Solutions Ltd.
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