Friday, October 15, 2010

What Should I Wear to an Interview for a Job?

Your appearance, your smile and your handshake create that all important first impression. You know what they say--people form a lasting impression within 20 seconds of meeting you. I've also read that people know in the first 20 seconds whether they would be willing to hire you. The first impression has very little to do with your words and a great deal to do with your attitude, energy and appearance. Why not tip the scales in your favour with a great outfit.

I was struggling with what to blog about this week when I stumbled upon this awesome little video from Harry Rosen. Harry Rosen caters to men but I think the principles apply to everyone. Even if the office you are interviewing at has a business casual dress code you still need to take special care with choosing what to wear to the interview.

With few exceptions you should dress more formally for an interview than you would normally dress when you go to work. The care you take with your personal appearance implies respect for the employer and interest in the job.

But please don't feel like you have to run out to Harry Rosen and spend $1000 for a new suit! You can put together a great outfit for a much lower price if you shop around a bit. You might have to invest a few dollars in tailoring and dry cleaning to make the outfit look perfect, but it will be worth it.

So here's the video for what it's worth!

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