Thursday, March 10, 2011 A New Destination for Affordable Technology Training

Wow! My new e-learning course just went public and here I am sitting on a GoTrain in a freezing rainstorm waiting for people to sign up. I have other things to work on but this course is top-of-mind.

The journey began last October when I received a personal email from SitePoint. Yes Sitepoint! (I'm a huge fan.) It's normal for me to receive newsletters from SitePoint but this was different. Shayne Tilley had a question for me: “Would you like to create your own online course -- just like a SitePoint one?”

The Mothership Calls.
I've been fascinated with e-learning forever. Now I was being invited to create a course by one of my all-time favorite web portals. There was only one possible answer - YES!

My Favorite Courses
I've taken many Sitepoint courses and they were all excellent:
Now these courses are available on And anyone can join in.

This was my chance.
But what to teach? I own an IT staffing agency and I've blogged about the benefits of having an online resume/portfolio website. That seemed a natural place to start. I immediately flipped back a pitch back to Shane: I would teach people how to create an e-resume portfolio website with WordPress.

A Big e-Learning Party and Everyone is Welcome
The best part is that my course is part of a new online training initiative called Learnable where anyone can make a course or take a course. It’s like a big e-learning party. A YouTube for online training. Everyone is welcome to participate. Check it out at

Try My Course for Free
Learnable priced my course at $14.95, but they’ve given me 25 free links to distribute however I like. If you’re interested in taking “Build an e-Resume Portfolio Website with WordPress”, then comment on this blog and ask me for a free link. If I have any left I will be thrilled to send you one!

Laura Upcott
Stafflink Solutions Ltd.


  1. Hi Laura :)
    only just saw your blog post here, nice ;)
    I also have a course on Learnable - hoping to blog about it soon as well. While we were preparing our courses I really wish we could have all shared info a little more, would be so curious to see how others have done theirs....

    so I was wondering if you would mind giving me one of your freebies? Maybe we could do a swap (in case you're interested at all in Illustrator bascis)?

    I had to cut mine short as I ran out of tie, so it's only 3 lessons - but I'm already working on a new one ;)

  2. Hi eyedea,

    Yes, I would love to share one of my freebie with you. And I'd want to take your Illustrator course too.

    Please email me at and I'll send you one of my free links.

    Let me know when you write your blog too. Thanks so much for contacting me!

    Laura Upcott

  3. Laura :) thanks so much - really looking forward to doing your course, and to your feedback on mine (if you have time to tell me your thoughts).

    just sent you an email :)

  4. Hi Laura,

    I would like one of your freebie links if you have one left. I wish you the best with your course! Do you plan to create another e-course?



  5. Hi Jay,

    I would love to send you a free link. Thanks for asking! Here's a link to access the course for free:

    If you have any issues with getting the link to work, please email me at and I'll send you a new link :)

    I really hope you enjoy the course. Let me know how it goes.