Saturday, June 11, 2011

10 Tips to Capture Hot Candidates

Can your company improve the recruiting and hiring process? As the marketplace shifts to a candidate’s marketplace, companies are challenged to constantly analyze and improve their talent acquisition processes.

If a candidate has three offers, are you confident that they will take your offer?

Smart employers are beginning to realize that they must be willing to be innovative and move quickly to capture these hot candidates. Some successful techniques that we have seen employers use to capture star candidates include:

  1. All interviews same day. Don’t force a candidate to come back twice if you can complete the evaluation in one day.  Efficient hiring processes demonstrate to a candidate that you are an agile, efficient company. That you respect and value their time. This gives the candidate a preview of what the processes throughout the company will be like.
  2. Extend offers within days of the interview. How long do you really need to think about itJ
  3. Signing bonuses.  A good alternative to raising the salary above a set salary band.
  4. Free Tablets. It’s pretty cool to give the candidate an iPad when they sign up.  Cost low – impact high.
  5. Working from Home privileges. A great way to demonstrate your commitment to work-life balance.
  6. Flex Hours. Many companies have core hours when employees must be in the office but are flexible outside of the core hours.
  7. Free beer. If you fill an open engineering position at Hipster, a startup in Silicon Valley, they will reward you with $10,000 in cash and a year's supply of beer. 
  8. Have your stars interview star candidates. You need to bring out the top talent to capture the top talent
  9. Know what the market rates are. Don’t try and lowball. If you know market rates it shows the candidate that you've done your research and you are willing to pay them what they are worth.
  10. Gym Membership. A healthy employee is a happy, productive employee. Less sick daysJ

Empower the people doing the interviews to capture the top talent. Make sure they have the training and coaching to interview and sell star candidates on the opportunity to work for your business. Employers that can adapt and capture the best candidates will be more successful in the long run.
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Written by:
Tim Collins, President and Owner, Stafflink Solutions

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