Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Best Office Staff Party Photo Contest Winner!

The winner in our Best Office Staff Party Photo Contest has been announced! A great big congratulations to Mr. Slava whose entry, Get into the Pool, just won him a Sony laptop!

The Winning Office Party Photo
Mr Slava's winning photo of his boss getting tossed into the pool by a group of his rowdy employees won for being the most memorable of all the best office party photo entries.

According to one of the judges, "You can just picture what happens next with this one. The expression of the guy by the pool is a classic and tells us exactly what we all want to see, but are left to envision in our own imagination."

Thank you all who entered!
Congrats again to our winner, Mr. Slava, and a great big thank you to everyone who submitted entries, and voted for their favourite photos. Special thanks to Rob Campbell and the Lenzr team for helping us put together this contest.

On a side note, I'm pretty sure the winning photo has dissuaded me from ever throwing a pool party for our own summer staff party, just incase any of our employees get any funny ideas...

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Written by:
Tim Collins, President and Owner, Stafflink Solutions


  1. Hello, my name is Slava and I am the winner of the contest. Right away I would like to thank Stafflink Solutions and personally Mr. Tim Collins for such tremendous opportunity!

    When I saw the contest I thought right away we (our company) have the best and coolest office parties ever and I just have to properly describe what's going on in just a few words to support the split of the second from entire party caught on camera. This was just a half of the deal. Another important part was to get permission from each and every one on photos, even CEO :) Can you imagine? Fortunately I met not just understanding, but excitement! … At the end I've got appreciation, publicity and of cause the prize, what else can you dream of!

    Thanks a lot to all supporters, judges and of case sponsor of the contest Stafflink Solutions.

    All the best,
    Slava Ivanov

  2. Hi Slava,

    It's so much fun to know the background story behind your photo. Thanks so much for participating in our contest and going to all of the trouble of getting permission from everyone in the photo. I'm really happy it worked out for you!

    Tim Collins