Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Got Any Old Computers Lying Around?

We recently discovered eight old PCs lying around collecting dust in our server room. We couldn't throw them to the curb. What to do? As usual our neighbour Richard from eSubnet knew the answer. He takes his old computers and printers to reBoot Canada for recycling.

reBOOT Canada is a national charity which accepts donations of computer equipment. After refurbishing the equipment as much as possible, reBoot distributes it to non-profit organizations and individuals with limited access to technology. reBoot also provides training and technical services to their clients.

When I called reBoot to find out if they would accept our old computers I was surprised (shocked actually) to learn that they a charge a handling fee to take back the equipment. Wasn't I doing them a HUGE favour just by driving across the city and delivering our precious old computers in support of their lucrative recycling business? Actually, no. The patient woman who took my call helped me to see the error in my reasoning. The truth is that reBoot is doing me a HUGE favour by keeping those poison monitors out of landfill where they leach toxic materials into the soil and groundwater. Also, reBoot is providing access to jobs, technology and training for people who need it but can't afford it. My shock suddenly transformed into gratitude.

How much does it cost to drop off your equipment at reBoot? (reBoot has a pick up program too.)
  • $5 - computers, printers, scanners, fax machines & all-in-ones
  • $10 - servers / $15 - cathode-ray tube (CRT) monitors
  • $30 - TVs, large printers & copiers
I paid reBoot $160 to recycle our old PCs. But that's a bargain considering everything reBoot is giving back to me and my community. And reBoot will send you a tax receipt for your donation. That's more than a fair exchange IMHO.

Before you donate those relics it's a good idea to erase your data from your equipment. Just deleting the data is not enough. Make sure to erase your hard drive so your info is really deleted. You can find a free program to do that at http://www.heidi.ie/.

For more information:
reBoot Canada: http://www.rebootcanada.ca/
How to Dispose of your old PC

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