Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Official - Stafflink Has a New Address

Today we take possession of our new space at 20 Bay Street. This is Sunday of the August long weekend so we won't actually start working there until Tuesday. But we've moved our stuff and turned in our keys so there's no turning back.

Naturally we'll miss some of our favourite things about the old office. We'll miss our next-door neighbour Richard from eSubnet who saved our butt when he patched us through to his Internet connection when Bell was down. We'll miss the fresh veggies from the St. Lawrence Market which used to be just across the street from us. But we outgrew our space at 120 Front. Its time to move forward for many little reasons and three big reasons: design, reception and location.

The Rostie Group, our new landlord, owns the 11th Floor of WaterPark Place where our new space is located. We'll have access to a beautiful shared reception area with a full-time receptionist to greet our guests. Anyone's who's interviewed with us at 120 Front knows that this is a big improvement. And imagine, a real human will answer our calls, at least during office hours. Wow!

The location is more convenient too. It's less than a 5 minute walk from Union Station. Plus we have a better view. Our new office overlooks the Air Canada Centre and you can see Lake Ontario from the reception area.

I appreciate the much needed break we're getting this August long weekend but still I can't wait to walk into our new office on Tuesday morning and say 'hi' to the receptionist. Who will be the first candidate to meet us for an interview in our new space? Maybe we'll share a glass of champagne with you (alcohol-free of course).

Tim Collins, President and Founder,
Stafflink Solutions Ltd

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